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Water & Sanitation

 Water is also linked to health in the agriculture sector, food security, biodiversity, desertification, land degradation and drought. It should be dealt with comprehensively, following a nexus approach acknowledging interlinkages. - Water scarcity is on the rise, particularly due to the adverse impacts of climate change. FPI-I is working on the supply side in order to increase the availability of water, before increasing the demand, by increasing universal access, and agricultural production.


Solutions to improve food systems and water security

Algae Farm
Food systerm Improvements
  1. Strengthening efforts to retain water-based ecosystems and their functions

In addition to a direct halt to deforestation and destruction of the water-based ecosystems, nature-based solutions that use or mimic natural processes to enhance water availability (e.g. groundwater recharge), improve water quality (e.g. riparian buffer strips), and reduce risks associated with water-related disasters and climate change (e.g. floodplain restoration) should be strengthened.

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