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Farmers Pride International (FPI) is a multi-racial, multinational and non-religious international agricultural NGO operating in 40 countries across the world.


Terms and Conditions:

Joining FPI as a member means you have agreed to become part of a global movement on climate resilience and mitigation, and you have also agreed to work with FPI in finding ways of supporting sustainable agriculture for equitable food systems through  Microfinance  Self-Help Groups 


Read Terms & Conditions here>>>

 After reading and understanding the terms and conditions, you can go ahead and fill out our membership application form here>>>>>

If you are applying to start, register and manage an FPI Branch/ Chapter please download our policy document here>>>>>


Donor Agencies
Corporate Sector
Funding Partners
International NGOs
Soil Science Institutions 
Technology Companies 
Farmer Organisations
Community-Based Organisations 
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Project Objectives:

The project objectives are to:


1. Engage in its membership and Develop organizational structures for producers that represent their needs and interests.


2. Improve the institutional capacity and quality of agricultural services delivered by public and private institutions and producer organizations.


3. Improve the flow of information for all sector stakeholders. To achieve the above, the project intends to:


4. Support organizational structures for producers (initially on a pilot basis) that represent the producers' needs and interests, and have the capacity to improve market access and to provide, manage and finance services to their members


5. Support efficient and accountable public, cooperative and private services that deliver relevant and cost-effective producer services focused on increasing quality, value-added and market access, and with particular attention to the needs of specific target groups (notably smaller producers, women producers and young producers)


6. Maximize the coverage, reliability and availability of statistics and information for all parties having to make choices affecting the agriculture sector in their country.

Membership Application form:

Click on the logo below to download the membership form, fill in and e-mail it back to FPI.

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How To Start An FPI Branch


Download the FPI policy document on how to  start and manage an FPI branch in your country

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